The Allentown history book is a great read and explores the in-depth history of our neighborhood.

Neighborhood History

Purchased and later named after Englishman Joseph Allen in 1872, Allentown was settled by skilled German immigrants who established businesses on East Warrington Avenue and lived in the homes nestled in the Hillsides away from the mills where many of worked.

Through the mid to late 20th century, Allentown, like many Pittsburgh neighborhoods lost a significant portion of their population, creating disinvestment and decay throughout the business and residential community. Throughout that time, community members worked to maintain the many community assets. In 2004 three community groups, the Allentown Civic Association, the Allentown Business Association and the Allentown Main Street Committee united their individual groups to form the Allentown Community Development Corporation. The group proceeded with the year-long undertaking for the good of the one-third square mile neighborhood.

The ACDC has had a long history of partnerships in the community. They were instrumental in bringing the Zone 3 Police Station to the Hilltop; as Allentown Civic, they worked with the South Side Local Development Company on the first Main Streets Program; partnered with their Beltzhoover neighbors on the Hilltop Homes project, on a fresh food stand and more.

Allentown continues to work with its partners and neighbors, currently as a charter member of the Hilltop Alliance.

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  • Kelly Maganti
    commented 2018-10-16 20:56:52 -0400
    I am not sure if Robert N. Kress is still alive, I would love to thank him. His dedication brought tears to my eyes…..Mrs. Hilda Scharding was my Great Grandmother. I have some memories of 211 Walter Street….but enough. Over the last ten years or so, I have become the family genealogist. I love your book, especially the part on St. George’s Church (which her father helped to build) and St. George’s School. Thank you.